Homebrewing, Drinking and Smoking

February 5, 2016


Inebriation Nation Episode 47. Today's show is brought to you by BeerCo. Alleviating the world of beer poverty by supplying quality brewing ingredients for pro and home brewers. Our search is your satisfaction. beerco.com.au

I’m an Alligator

February 4, 2016


@BandKDiscuss Episode XV - Brian falls into a frozen pond and destroys his phone. Brian and Kevin Discuss David Bowie's passing and more... Today's show is sponsored by Audibletrial.com/SLR - Get a FREE audiobook today. And if you're looking for another great way to support the show... 
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Brian Has a Work Story…

February 3, 2016


Brian has a work story only deemed appropriate for Premium ears. Jonathan has a hot take on Blake Griffin. We also talk Heat, Fear The Walking Dead, Dennis Wideman's suspension, life goals and much more... 
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Hot Take on Blake Griffin

February 3, 2016


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