Someone Is Lying

July 14, 2017


Either Brian or his brother-in-law is lying. Jonathan takes a dream vacation to Greenland and upon completion, immediately gets depressed. We also talk Lebron James' strange fitness video, Escape from Alcatraz and more... Next week is the mailbag, so write us a letter:


Neglect Is Worse Than Abuse

July 7, 2017


Brian neglects his mother-in-law and she ends up in the hospital. Jonathan has selective memory regarding athlete cash-grabs. RG3 continues to provide content, theme park accidents, Premium content and more...

Exit through the gift shop

June 30, 2017


Brian loses his phone at 'KD' which leads to research on theme park deaths. Jonathan puts back on his old shoes. We also talk Phil Jackson, a modern definition of a 'good movie' and more... Next week is Premium so buy your subscription today at


The Dumbest Podcast in America

June 23, 2017


We logically launch an NPR-like fundraiser while everyone is on vacation. A new set-up! Jonathan empathizes with Knicks fans, Brian has a new critique of RG3.  We also talk theme parks, Better Call Saul and more...


It was Awful

June 16, 2017


Jonathan details his experience at the Japanese Baseball game. Brian is gradually turning into an old man. We open up the SadlyLackingMailbag and discuss McGregor/Mayweather, Fargo, Sarin Gas attacks and more...



June 9, 2017


Jonathan's coworker is on a diet. Brian's strange ability to compartmentalize. We also talk gin, back tattoos, Derek Fisher and more... Mailbag next week, so send us a letter:


People You May Know

June 2, 2017


One of Brian's family members gets murdered (really). Jonathan goes into detail about other issues from the Osaka trip. We also discuss NBA/NHL finals, Fargo, Better Call Saul and more... Thank you for buying premium!

Nice Guy, Bad Driver

May 27, 2017


Brian jumps in a lake. Jonathan recaps his trip to Osaka. A brief Jordan-Lebron debate, Fargo, Better Call Saul and more... Talk to you next week on Premium.