I Don’t Need Drunk Kevin

September 25, 2016


Jonathan is confused why Mark (The Unemployed Banker) is resisting help from Drunk Kevin. And then remembers why...

Daycare Conspiracy Theories

September 23, 2016


Brian thinks his Daycare is shunning him on purpose. Jonathan gives his review of Dawn of the Dead 3. We also talk Brad Pitt, cooking with Basil and more...

Don’t Push The Button

September 16, 2016


Brian is depressed because his wife is visiting Portland military bases and consequently delivers his worst performance in the history of SLR. Jonathan shares another embarrassing story involving a Japanese toilet. We also talk RGIII, The Night Of and a return of listener feedback featuring Peter Reid!

Missing Fez Whatley

September 9, 2016


Brian is eating fast food again. Jonathan thinks John Tortorella should shut his old mouth. Missing Fez Whatley - anyone know how to find him?

How to Deal With Annoying Co-workers

September 2, 2016


Jonathan gives advice on how to deal with annoying co-workers. Brian attends his son's middle school orientation. We also discuss Colin Kaepernick's protest, stupid Penn State, Tim Tebow's awkward baseball showcase and a mysterious NBA player on PEDs. Thanks for buying premium!

Crosby Hops and BeerCo

August 28, 2016


Inebriation Nation Episode 54. The boys sat down (sans Sean, who strangely disappeared) with Brian Crosby of Crosby Hops and Dermott Dowling of Beer Co to talk all things hops. This information-packed episode is not one to miss. Enjoy!!

Brian’s Educational Soapbox

August 26, 2016


Brian has no love for Maryland. Jonathan apologizes for sending a bizarre late-night private message. We also talk Narcos Season 2, The Night Of, Magic Mike XXL and more... Next week is Sadly Lacking Premium, so get your subscription today!