People You May Know

June 2, 2017


One of Brian's family members gets murdered (really). Jonathan goes into detail about other issues from the Osaka trip. We also discuss NBA/NHL finals, Fargo, Better Call Saul and more... Thank you for buying premium!


You Don’t Have To Say Anything

May 3, 2017


Jonathan falls down the stairs (again).  Brian is upset that Jonathan didn't stand up to a Penguins fan.  We also talk Asster's Degrees, Fargo and more...  Thanks for Buying Premium!  


Brian Drives The Show (off a cliff)

April 7, 2017


Jonathan gives a review of Shit Town.  Brian reflects upon his existence post twitter.  We also discuss drugs, snapchat and taking fastballs to the head. Thanks for buying premium and we'll talk to you next week.


Hangover Walks

March 3, 2017


Jonathan has some good news which makes him want to burn clothes.  Brian has issues with a Girl Scout Cookie name change.  We also talk about the future of movies, Six and more...  Thanks for buying premium!


Hello? Mr. President? Are you still there?

February 3, 2017


Jonathan has some harsh criticism for Drunk Kevin.  Not necessarily what he said on Wednesday's show, but his request for an edit.  Brian catches us up on work news and vows to only talk about future work stories on Premium.  We also talk Goon, John Wick 2, #STBBU and more.  Thank you for buying premium!


iPhone Classism

January 1, 2017


As promised, Brian shares the results of his job interview.  Jonathan recaps the Christmas funeral.  We also talk iPhone classism, Grayson Allen, a heated debate about Carrie Fisher and more.  Wishing our Premium subscribers health and happiness in 2017!


Confusion at the Chinese Restaurant

December 3, 2016


Brian's Dad unleashes his disgust at the Chinese restaurant.  Jonathan reminisces about Saturday morning wrestling.  We also talk about getting robbed at Browns games, Circle and more...  Thanks for buying premium!


You Can’t Be Ichiban

November 4, 2016


Jonathan shares a life lesson with his daughter.  Brian explains how to identify a dumb person.  We also talk about the Cubs victory, Jonathan's incident at work, Westworld and more.  Thanks for buying premium!