The Theory of Relativity

March 30, 2018


Mark recaps his Florida trip - this leads to a discussion about relativity. Mark also tells the story about how he was attacked by an animal at work. Next week is Sadly Lacking Premium - on the show, Jonathan tells the story about how a deer destroyed his dad's office. Next free show will be released April 9.

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Happiness in Florida

March 23, 2018


Jason Veazey comes through with a classic new intro for Mark Townsend. Mark is in Florida this week and you can hear the happiness in his voice. Jonathan struggles to arrange a health check in Japan. In the show we also talk about the limits of positive compartmentalization, Westworld and more...

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Inappropriate requests

March 19, 2018


@ConfusedGaijin Episode 二十. With improved Japanese skills, (less) Confused Gaijin successfully avoids an inappropriate request from his neighbor. Also on the show, Sean (The Unhealthy Irishman) asks for advice reqarding international travel with an infant. This leads to a memory where CG thought about abandoning his apartment in Sydney to avoid a flight.

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My daughter’s character flaw

March 16, 2018


Jonathan gets furious with his daughter. Mark lobbies for a 70s-themed intro. We also discuss the Kurt Cousins contract, Homeland and more...

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Ichiro’s messed up childhood

March 9, 2018


On today's show we talk about Ichiro's messed up childhood and Mark's disenchantment with work. Plus! Jonathan gets triggered by an innoucuos Lewis Black story.

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The Strip Club Story

March 2, 2018


Mark Townsend shares his legendary strip club story. Jonathan gets into another conflict at YaMaYa. In the show we also talk about the origins of local D.C. talk radio - The Junkies, Chad Dukes, Big O and Dukes and The Rodkast. Finally, Jonathan shares his opinions on Bill Simmons being disingenuous (check out the picture of his high school on


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I am The Rock of SLR

March 1, 2018


Brian From VA returns with an epic performance. Thank you for buying premium!