Complications at MaxValu

February 23, 2018


With increased Japanese speaking confidence, Jonathan attempts a complicated manuever at his local grocery store. Support the show! and Follow @SadlyLacking on Twitter. Tell a friend!

Advice from my Senpai

February 19, 2018


@ConfusedGaijin Episode 十九. Sean (The Unhealthy Irishman) offers some advice on how to improve CG's Japanese skill and how to approach his new job.


Episode 600: Life Altering

February 16, 2018


Jonathan gives an update on the fight with his wife. Mark explains why he didn't pursue veterinary science. Thank you for supporting the show!

Incident at the Japanese supermarket

February 16, 2018


Jonathan has another incident at a store in Japan. Mark submits his DNA to a website. Support SLR! - Join us for the second half of the show on premium...

Stay Classy Philly

February 9, 2018


Jonathan meets two Koreans in a noodle shop and is surprised how much they trash their own country. This leads to a discussion about what a garbage pile the city of Philly is. On the show we also breakdown Lebron's total domination of the Cavs front office. Plus! we have a big announcement about the future of premium content. Grab your sub today: Follow the show on twitter: and Facebook: Have any questions or comments? Send us an e-mail: 

The Fight

February 2, 2018


Jonathan feels revitalized with word of a new premium subscriber. Mark unleashes on February. We also discuss Tom vs Time, Jonathan's recent fight with his wife and more. Support the show by buying premium:


I’m going to Vegas

February 1, 2018


Brian is looking forward to his trip to Vegas. Jonathan feels unnecessary anxiety at work. We also talk about Black Mirror, Brian's first month as a manager and more.... Thanks for buying premium!