The Public Shaming Network (PSN)

January 26, 2018


Jonathan has an idea for a new TV network. Mark gives his Superbowl predictions. We get some feedback from Swenson, NBA betting and more...

Parental Advice

January 19, 2018


Jonathan gives some parental advice about an issue with Mark's son. Mark is breaking up with the NBA, Jonathan pans Letterman's new show and more...

I had a dream about Swenson

January 12, 2018


Jonathan had strange dream about Swenson. Mark remembers a kid with no redeaming qualitites. We also talk about John Gruden robbing the Raiders.


Don’t compare Columbus Day to Thanksgiving

January 5, 2018


Happy New Year! Brian and Jonathan recap their recent successes in the real world. Jonathan ponders a world where his mother wasn't sober. Brian makes a few strange accusations. A recap of sports, entertainment and more... Thanks for buying premium!