Dad didn’t go to college

March 31, 2017


Brian quits twitter.  Jonathan gives advice on how to respond to condescension.  We also talk about the Raiders moving to Vegas, Greg Hardy, trading places and more...  Buy premium (talk to you next week)


Hey man, I’m callin’ Jesus on this one

March 24, 2017


Jonathan has an incident at his kid's Kindergarten graduation.  Brian goes above and beyond for his mother-in-law.  Listener feedback from Peter Reid, a review of the Chappelle comedy special and more...


I don’t take days off work, and I don’t go to the doctor

March 17, 2017


Jonathan loses his only friend in Japan.  Brian offers medical advice.  We open the Sadly Lacking Mailbag, offer our YouTube picks of the week and more...    


Stay away from my percocets, and do you have any percocets

March 10, 2017


Brian breaks down the difference between Samoas and Caramel deLites.  Jonathan continues to be impressed by Goon.  We also talk about the Redskins dysfunction, YouTube recommendations for the week and more...


Hangover Walks

March 3, 2017


Jonathan has some good news which makes him want to burn clothes.  Brian has issues with a Girl Scout Cookie name change.  We also talk about the future of movies, Six and more...  Thanks for buying premium!