Crosby Hops and BeerCo

August 28, 2016


Inebriation Nation Episode 54. The boys sat down (sans Sean, who strangely disappeared) with Brian Crosby of Crosby Hops and Dermott Dowling of Beer Co to talk all things hops. This information-packed episode is not one to miss. Enjoy!!

Brian’s Educational Soapbox

August 26, 2016


Brian has no love for Maryland. Jonathan apologizes for sending a bizarre late-night private message. We also talk Narcos Season 2, The Night Of, Magic Mike XXL and more... Next week is Sadly Lacking Premium, so get your subscription today!

Dumb People Don’t Get Depressed

August 19, 2016


Brian Reporting live from Ocean City! We talk RGIII, Ryan Lochte and other dumb people immune to depression. For all of the people listening to this show (including Brian's family), donate or get your premium subscription today! 

Stranger Things

August 12, 2016


Brian is surprised with the quality of competition at the Olympics and ponders badminton sponsorship. Jonathan reacts to being harshly criticised during an online assignment. Experience the magic of Karma and sign-up for your Premium subscription today!

Yin and Yang

August 5, 2016


Brian experiences Yin and Yang at work. Jonathan is finally starting to take Elvis Costello's advice.  Get your Premium subscription today and see the positive effects of Karma. Unlike our 'friend' Swenson who is watching his life gradually deteriorate. 

Unfounded Conspiracy Theories

August 4, 2016


@BandKDiscuss Episode XX