Episode 500: Today is going to be a great day

July 29, 2016


Karma comes back to bite our 'friend' Swenson. Jonathan's daily affirmations are leading to chest pains. Old-school audio, the great Warren Zevon and more. Next week is Sadly Lacking Premium, so get your subscription today. If not, bad things might happen to you.

Hope it works out for you

July 22, 2016


Jonathan finally realizes the root of Brian's catch-phrase. We also talk Ray Donovan, doping, Christopher Correa and more... What's that sound? Buy Premium! 

My Burden

July 15, 2016


Jonathan starts his online Masters Degree, and explains how he is better than all of us. Brian goes to the Dentist. We also talk non-lethal weapons, Mark (The Banker)'s strange plan, summer TV and more... Today's show is brought to you by Sadly Lacking Premium. Get your yearly sub today and feel the good Karma sweep over your life!

DK for Senate

July 9, 2016


Inebriation Nation Episode 53. Risen from the dead, the crew of Inebriation Nation returns to launch the political career of Drunk Kevin.

Someone is Always Offended

July 8, 2016


Brian recaps his 4th of July weekend. Jonathan goes down the rabbit hole on the Zach Hample vitriol. We also talk about the NBA offseason, Johnny Manziel's suspension, Nomadic Fanatic and more... Today's show is sponsored by Sadly Lacking Premium. Get your subscription today! SadlyLacking.com

Three Weeks in Captivity

July 5, 2016


Mark (The Banker) returns to discuss his Three weeks in captivity.

A Work Update

July 1, 2016


Jonathan gives an update on his work situation. Brian is pissed at Rage Against the Machine. We also talk Game of Thrones, Pat Summit and more...Thank you for buying Sadly Lacking Premium!