Nobody likes a show off

December 29, 2017


Mark Townsend joins The Miserable Bastard live from the Pabst studios. A review of Godless, fatherly wisdom and more... Have a great 2018 everybody!

An Inebriated Christmas 2017

December 25, 2017


Pies, DK & The Unhealthy Irishman catch up for a new tradition — a yearly show release! Merry Christmas!

I’m not drunk, I just can’t feel my feet

December 22, 2017


Sean (The Unhealthy Irishman) stops by to talk about life with a newborn. Drunk Kevin takes a fall, social media etiquette and more... Merry Christmas everybody!

Dark and RGIII

December 15, 2017


Brian from VA is back! Not sure how many more episodes we are doing, so make sure you listen to this one! Jonathan talks about Dark and RGIII's media tour. Brian shares a dark farming accident. Also check out Brian's Venmo!

Cold in July

December 8, 2017


Jonathan is happy that the Netflix algorithm is finally recommending good content. Mark reviews a few local breweries and compares one to Frass Canyon. We also discuss Jim Carrey, BTS conspiracy theories and more...


Sumo and Rolexes

December 1, 2017


Jonathan reports back from the Sumo tournament. Brian is interested in high-end watches. We also discuss annoying people at work and more... Thanks for buying premium!